Project Description

The design is the height of luxury and sits beautifully in any home.

The One page Graphical User Interface makes the handling of the instrument a piece of cake. No more searching in endless menu’s Just select a layer and choose your favorite sound.

We can produce any colour cabinet to suit your individual taste and decor.

Take at look at the Instruments!
The brand-new Bemore Discovery has a 17 note pedal box and can have blue illumination covering on all fascias.
Technology requires knowledge and expertise. Former Philips Engineer Mr. Ir. Martin van Vliet did a amazing job designing all the electronics for the instruments. It has proven to be very reliable and stable.

Presets Generation 2.0
The Bemore organs offers a new approach to making your favourite sound combinations. You can have 10 upper keyboard settings (individual or up to 5 layered sounds) and 10 lower keyboard settings showing in the screen at any given time. You can then mix and match any of these settings. This approach gives you many advantages and ability to customise this instrument to your own personal taste. This can all be done from the screen effortlessly!!!

One of the amazing benefits of the instrument is that it can load most styles of most style manufacturers. Do a google search and you will find thousands of styles that you can use in the instrument without extra software or conversion. How handy is that!

Specifications Bemore Discovery
Quality weighted 2 x 5 Octave keyboards

1 button to set touch sensitivity to off

Advanced Dynamic Control for exceptional touch sensitivity
17 note Fatar pedalboard

Free choice of splits on every layer for upper and lower part of the keyboard

Sound combinations selectable to upper-/lower and bass

Unique Flex track (upgrade version)

Harmony selectable for every Upper Layer.

Integrated High Resolution Audio recording

3 Professional 64bits effects sections

Professional 64 bits EQ section with dynamic control.

8 tracks accompaniment section

3 intro /3 ending/ 3 variation per styles possible (4 intro/ending/variations with upgrade version)
Accompaniment plays most styles from all the major style manufacturers

One Finger System accompaniment
Unlimited Presets for sounds registration (upper/lower/bass/accompaniment)

Ultra Clear Transparancy Audio system

Each Bemore Discovery will be delivered including a complete high quality Sound set.

Church organ, Euro organs, Unique USA drawbar sounds. A extensive orchestral sound set. And lovely warm theatre organ. Unique Klaus Wunderlich and Franz Lambert sounds. (full sampleset same as Bemore Genesis with Upgrade version)

USB connection to load your styles

Line out.
Speaker out.
High Power Digital amplifier (Class D)

Messurements: Height including display 113 cm | Width: 113cm | Depth: 66cm

Project Details

Date: Jan 2018
Client: Bemore Instruments


Bemore Instruments
Bemore Discovery

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